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Introduction to engines for excavators

1.WP5 & WP7

(1)WP5 & WP7 are jointly developed by Weichai Power, AVL, BOSCH and other world's best auto parts suppliers. They are the full integrations of cutting-edge technology in today's world diesel engine field.

(2)They are the ideal power for high-end small tonnage excavators.

Emissions: stage Ⅲ

Bore: 108mm

Stroke: 130mm

Displacement: 4.76L/7.14L

Power Range: 116 ~ 158Ps

158 ~ 270Ps

Rated speed: 2000r/min

2.WP5 & WP7 Features

(1)From the feasibility study to the reliability analysis, each of the WP5 & WP7 design process has been recognized by experts from AVL.

(2)Gantry structural body, integral cylinder head and other key parts all passed the advanced CAE finite element analysis, making full use of high intensity arc design and layout of vertical and horizontal stiffeners

(3)Integral cylinder head provides compact structure, high strength, good sealing and easy installation

(4)Four-valve intake and exhaust structure provides high air intake efficiency and low emissions


(1)WP12 is jointly developed by Weichai Power European R&D center and AVL. The performance is better than the current international standards and it is the only mature large displacement engine in China.

(2)It is the ideal power for high-end large excavators.

Emissions: stage Ⅲ

Bore: 126mm

Stroke: 155mm

Displacement: 11.596L

Power Range: 336 ~ 460Ps

Rated speed: 1900r/min

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