8000BHP Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel

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GENERAL DESCRIPTIONThe ship is more than one use of work boats, sailing in unrestricted navigation area. Mainly as a large floating sea close the main tug towing, or with long-distance towing the ship; class platform for the implementation of the safety of marine structures and other rescue and relief missions keep; for the class platform supply of fuel, fresh water, drilling water drilling apparatus, liquid mud, cement and other materials; for the class platform, floating crane for the anchors, displacement, and other production and construction work in place; external fire fighting operation. The ship is all-welded steel, single continuous flat deck, enclosed cabin, cross-frame structure, in the long first floor, conventional bow, transom ship, in addition to EVA bow tip, basically double bottom double hull; by two diesel engines Two direct drive through the gearbox with fixed pitch propeller duct, dual rudders, side- head and tail with thrust tube, with the end of the stern roller, rolling set of passive devices, dynamic positioning system.
Loa72.50m CSA 5/5 Stand-By Ship, Offshore Supply Ship,Tug, Fire
Lpp          63.80m Fighting Ship 1 water Spraying,Ice Class B
B                     15.00 m CSM AUT-0
D               7.00 m  
d4.80m Flag              China
Capacities  MAIN ENGINE
Cargo deck area350m2 MAIN ENGINES MAN B&W 9L27/38 9L32 2sets
Drill water capacity500 m3 MCR3280kW;800r/min
Dry bulk capacity200m3 SMCR
Liquid mud capacity300m3 CSR

8000BHP Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel8000BHP Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel