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Oilfield Multiphase Flow Meter Device

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Oilfield Multiphase Flow Meter Device

Product Description

Shengji has nearly 20-year’s history in manufacturing multiphase metering devices. It was a joint venture company of Lanzhou Haimo Technologies Co., Ltd. Shengji can design and manufacture targeted multiphase metering device according to complex field conditions (such as heavy oil, high gas content oil, foamy crude oil and serious slugging oil, etc.). The products has already been widely used in home and abroad oilfields.


Key Feature

1.Accurate measurement of oil, water and gas.

2.Friendly interface.

3.Easy operation.

4.Modular design featuring latest technology in measurement systems.

5.Remote data transmission, allowing for real-time data acquisition and digitization of the oilfield. 

Specifications 1.Universal Gas and Liquid Automatic Metering DeviceFor the complex conditions in Venezuela MPE3 oilfield including  high viscosity oil, high gas content oil and foamy crude oil, Shengji company had designed a brand-new solution for multiphase flow meter. This solution uses dual splitter, weight measurement method and built-in high efficiency cyclone separating device to engage the meter has the characteristic of wide adaption of measurement range, high accuracy, wide range, operation stability.

Oilfield Multiphase Flow Meter Device


                                  Parameter List                                                                                Fundamental Diagram

Universal Gas and Liquid Automatic Metering DeviceOilfield Multiphase Flow Meter Device
Metering RangeGas Range (nm3/d)0~30000
Liquid Range (m3/d)0~1500
Metering ErrorAir Current (m3/d)±5.0%
Liquid Current (m3/d)±2.0% (0-400)
±3.0% (400-1500)
Nominal Pressure (psi)350
working Temperature (℃)5-80
Power SupplyAC480V 60Hz
Explosion ProofExdⅡBT4
Signal OutputRS485, Modbus, Ethnet


rig,mud pump,rotary table,drilling swivel,travelling block hookrig,mud pump,rotary table,drilling swivel,travelling block hook

While the import three-way valve opened for the left separator, export three-way valve opened for right separator. Then liquid level of left separator started to increase. When it reached to setting position, ΔP would be measured.


M is the mass of liquid column in the separator, g is acceleration of gravity, S is sectional area of separator. The mass of liquid column in the separator can be calculated by this formula and also obtain the flow of well from the change of the mass of liquid column. Control system controls alternate measurement of left and right separator, thus implement continuous measurement of well. After the measurement, intelligent control system is able to calculate the run of oil in the setting time to convert to daily oil production. 


2.HPT-100 Single Well Gas and Liquid Automatic Metering DeviceThe company adapts vertical hydrocyclone and horizontal settlement technology to make gas and liquid separation and take metering. The switch of electrical gate valve in gas-liquid pipeline can control gas and liquid discharge through control chip based on the liquid level inside the separator.Oilfield Multiphase Flow Meter Device                                         Parameter List                                                                                 Fundamental Diagram
Metering RangeGas Range0~1000am3/dOilfield Multiphase Flow Meter Device
Liquid Range0~50m3(Optional)
Metering Air Current±5.0% 
ErrorLiquid Current±3.0%
Nominal Pressure2.5 MPa
Power SupplyAC 220V/50Hz
Explosion ProofExdⅡBT4
Signal OutputAutomatic save, 
USB Read

External liquid (gas and liquid) first pass through multiport valve, measure the liquid pipeline, choose relevant metering process (time-sharing automatic selection or manual selection). Gas and liquid flow into the device, first entering into desander (to adapt the application of sand-content crude oil, there is the matched desander in the system, which can clean the sand periodically), heat-exchanger, and then come to vertical two-phase separator, make most gas separation, enter into horizontal separator, make gas-content liquid separation, flow out the separated gas and liquid through different pipelines, there are metering device on the pipelines to measure the gas and liquid ( there are an area for liquid accumulation in the separator to adapt low yield and discontinuous liquid).



3.Wellhead Direct-connected Flowmeter Device

Oilfield Multiphase Flow Meter DeviceWellhead Direct-connected Flowmeter Device
Metering Rangegas content(%)0~100
Liquid Range(m3/d)0~800
Metering ErrorAir Current (%)±15.0
Liquid Current (%)±3.0
Working Temperature(℃)0~80
Nominal Pressure (psi)900
Power SupplyDC8~30V
Explosion ProofExdⅡBT4
Max. Pressure Loss (psi)≤1.45
Signal OutputLocal display, GPRS remote
Monitoring system
Connection TypeFlange connection, clamp connection


 Fundamental DiagramOilfield Multiphase Flow Meter Device

1.Measuring the displacement of floater and vibration parameter to obtain flow signal.
2.Different fluid has different reaction results of applied force. More precise results will be obtained by measuring the displacement      of floater, vibration parameter and assists with adjustment of pressure and temperature parameter.
3.Continuous 2-phase measurement, measuring liquid and gas at the same time;
4.It adopts section throttling principle, less pressure-loss of equipment and wide flow range.
5.The equipment adopts embedded computer. It has great human-computer interface and communication protocol which reaches 6.the digitization requirement of oilfield.
7.Less moving parts, more reliable operation.

Performance Test

 Multiple Phase Flow Lab

The laboratory is Sinopec‘s only national multiphase flow laboratory, which can achieve the whole gas,  whole liquid and a variety of proportion of gas-containing test, the maximum amount of tesingliquid can reach 7000m3/d.

Oilfield Multiphase Flow Meter Device


Oilfield Application

 Oilfield Multiphase Flow Meter Device

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Oilfield Multiphase Flow Meter Device