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Oilfield Minor workover Automatic System

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Oilfield Minor workover Automatic System

Product Description

This device cooperates with the operating derrick, tractor hoist, mechanized device to replace the manual rotating elevator, manual tubing pulling-out, manual hydraulic tubing pliers’ pushing-pulling. The device realizes complete mechanization of tubing dropping and lifting through the operation of the communication between the well and man-machine operation panel.

The minor workover automatic system is a set of comprehensive workover equipment which integrates mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and information processing system. It is composed of hydraulic automatic elevator, wellhead workover machine, pipe rod conveyer, cruise hook guiding device and hydraulic control system. .

The use of this device will improve the working environment, reduce labor intensity and job risk, improve the safety while operating. And also, it reduces the number of labor which can make the human management work easier and lower the cost for human work. Moreover, the minor workover automatic system has high adaptive ability for different environment and it can save the time for operatingOilfield Minor workover Automatic System

Key Feature


1.Improve the working environment.

2.Reduce labor intensity and job risk.

3.Improve the safety while operating.

4.Lower the cost for human work.

5.High adaptive ability for different environment.

6.More time saving.


Loading efficiency  (joints/hour)


Loading capacity   (lb)

Rated capacity 90000, Max capacity 15100

Loading power (kW)


Applied tubing

2 3/8, 2 7/8, 3 1/2 NU tubing

Operating staff


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Oilfield Minor workover Automatic SystemOilfield Minor workover Automatic SystemOilfield Minor workover Automatic System

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Oilfield Minor workover Automatic System