F1000 oilfield mud pump

F1000 oilfield mud pump  line Name    Description  1Drilling PumpModelF-1000Max. input power (kw)1000(746)Rated speed spm140Max. liner bore in.(mm)63/4"(17

F1000 oilfield mud pump



line Name    Description  
1Drilling Pump


Max. input power (kw)1000(746)

Rated speed spm140

Max. liner bore in.(mm)63/4"(171)


in. (mm)7500 (527)

Cylinder hydraulic test pressure  psi(kg/cm2)4.32:1

Gear ratio12"

Suction pipe dia. in.5"

Discharge pipe dia. in.API 6

Valve 18500

Weight (excl. belt wheel) (kg)4180mm×3162mm×2260mm
11colormud pump:blue,sky blue,Sapphire,gree;belt cover:white,yellow,white;skid:black,white,ect
12Specialist service on wellsite 1 person 1 week,General connecting commissioning
13Manual and main maintenance catalogmud pump package operating manual and maintenance catalog




  1.  The frame has features of good rigidity, high strength and light weight

  2.    The intermediate tie rod is modeled and weaved with double sealing structure which has good sealing effect

  3.   Crosshead and crosshead guide is durable and have long service life

  4.  The three cylinders of each pump are interchangeable

  5. Corrosion resistance for the cylinder surface is processed by chemical nickel plating,