DC rig

7000m DC drilling rig

Features of our drilling rig 1.    DW, RT and mud pump realize independent DC stepless speed regulation which provide guarantee for drilling technology optimization. 

  • model: 7000m DC drilling rig

Features of our drilling rig

 1.    DW, RT and mud pump realize independent DC stepless speed regulation which provide guarantee for drilling technology optimization.


 2.    Mast, substructure and drill floor equipments can be installed at lower position, and then be lifted integrally upon DW power.


 3.    Auto-bit-feeding adopts all-digital auto control technique, driller operates the touch screen to fulfill drilling operation through optimized drilling parameters, which will reduce labor intensity significantly and improve work efficiency. Display, restoration, regulation and control, remote management of major drilling parameters can be realized.


1Rig rated depth:20000ft (6000m) 5” D.P.

22966ft (7000m) 4-1/2” DP
2Static hook load:1000000Lb (4500KN)

Available height of derrick:45m
4Traveling system:6×7
5Diameter of drilling line:1 1/2” (φ38mm)
6Height of drilling floor:34.5’ (10.5m)
7Opening diameter of rotary table:φ37-1/2” (φ952.5mm)
8Rated input power of draw works:2000HP (1470kW)
9Steps of draw works:4 forward+ 4 reverse stepless speed regulation
10Capacity of mud pump:1600HP×3
11Power transfer type:AC—SCR—DC
12Drive model:one to two

1.1Mast Model: JJ450/45-K


n            Available height:45.5m

n            Static hook load capacity:1000000 lbs

n            Width of top (face/side):2.5/2.2m 

n            Width of bottom:9m

n            Height of racking platform:24.5, 25.5, 26.5m

n            Anti-wind capacity:

Ø         No hook load, full of stands:36m/s

Ø         No hook load, no stand:47.8m/s

Ø         Lifting and lowering:8.3m/s

n            Transport dimension:44500×2700×3100mm

n            Weight:76880kg

n            Racking platform capacity of 5” DP6000m

n            Racking platform capacity of 91/2” DC5 stands

n            Racking platform capacity of 8” DC8 stands

n            The height of casing stabbing board6m 
1.2Crown block    Model:  TC-450


Conforms to API 4F/ 8A specification.

Consists of frame, guide shaft assembly, main pulley block and rail, match rope roll with sheave.

Equipped with one lifting rack of 10kN, one sand sheave, two sheaves for air winches with 50kN and one cantilever sheave for hydraulic tong with 50kN. Fixed buffer wood for crown block frame.


n            Max. Load:4500kN

n            No. of sheaves:7

n            Dia. of main sheave:60”(φ1524mm) 

n            Dia. of drill wireline:φ38mm (1-1/2”)

n            Dia. of sand line sheave:φ762mm 

n            Dia. of sand wireline:φ14.5mm (9/16”)

n            Auxiliary pulley diameter:φ400mm
1.3Casing stabbing board


Entirety frame is made of channel steel

Lifted by electric motor or air powered capacity 1T, and a flexible tongue on the board

Adjustable stroke 6 m

Board with safe stop and belly belt fixation point

Total board can rotate 90 degree to the derrick when not used
1.4Substructure Model:  DZ450/10.5-S


Conforms to API 4F

The substructure is sling-shot type, 

 4 units buffer tanks for substructure lifting and lowering.

Corrugated ramp, escape slide rail (two sections), 2 tong tail piles, 3 ladders which one is on right (face drawworks) to 1#mud tank, one is on back floor, the other is on fore head (as a whole body with ramp), the width of ladder is 800mm.

There is a 40 ton capacity hydraulic powered handling and lifting equipment under the beam; a 4m3 storage tank hanged on back floor.

Two 2m high Y drill protector uprights on ramp door, Which are fixed by drill pipe joint, connected with 3 protector chains.

Drill floor is flush mounted (includes rotary table and setback).

With 150mm high kicking boards around drilling floor, 3-5mm clearance from floor. Handrail adopts square steel plate; the entrances on ladders have safety chains.

All hydraulic and air pipeline is mounted on dark with safety groove. 


n            Floor height:10.5m

n            Floor area:13.5m×12.5m

n            Available height below R/Table beam:9m

n            Max. Capacity of R/Table beam:4500kN

n            Setback capacity (4-1/2” drilling pipe, 28m stand):7000m

n            Setback load:2200kN

n            Weight220965kg