Acidizing Fracturing Unit Hydration Unit

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  • The manifold design allows simultaneous delivery of various media, meeting diverse working conditions.

  • The standby hydraulic system achieves interchange and backup, guaranteeing operation reliability.

  • Optional with multiple independent liquid additive systems.

  • The flowrate of liquid additive system will automatically adjust varying with the plunger pump displacement.

  • The state-of-the-art intelligent control system developed by Jereh independently with the idea of “what you see is what you get” enables easier operation.

  • CarrierTruck / Trailer / Skid
    ChassisBENZ / VOLVO / MAN / BEIBEN
    EngineDDC S60 / CAT C15MTU 12V2000 / CUMMINS QSK23CAT C18
    TransmissionALLISON 4700 OFSALLISON 8610 OFSALLISON 6620 OFS
    Plunger PumpJR600SJR500WJR1000QS
    Plunger Dia.3”3.5”4”4.5”3”3.5”
    Max. Working Pressure14,147 psi10,394 psi14,238 psi11,250 psi14,147 psi10,394 psi
    (97.6 MPa)(71.7 MPa)(98.2 MPa)(77.6 MPa)(97.6 MPa)(71.7 MPa)
    Max. Working Flowrate251 gpm342 gpm319 gpm404 gpm418 gpm569 gpm
    (0.9 m³/min)(1.3 m³/min)(1.2 m³/min)(1.5 m³/min)(1.6 m³/min)(2.2 m³/min)
    Centrifugal Pump6×5×11
    Chemical Additive System3 Sets (Optional)
    Displacement Tank2×10 bbl (2×1.6 m³)
  • Acidizing Fracturing Unit Hydration Unit