leak testing machine

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The leak testing machine is filled with tracer gas inside the workpiece (hereinafter referred to as the workpiece), and the gas leaked from the workpiece is detected by the gas sensor built in the detector, then operator can find the product defects of the fracture and leakage. Use this principle to detect the welding quality of the rim, by detecting the amount of gas leakage to determine whether the product is qualified.



This type of leak testing machine with double testing position, which allows to two rims of the same specification or different specifications. The machine is equipped with all kinds of rim testing tools. It is convenient and quickly to install and change.

Carbon dioxide gas is used as test medium, which is safe and environment protecting. Carbon dioxide test sensor can response quickly and test the change in value in very short time.

It has excellent anti-interference performance. Can work continuously in completed environment and will not be disturbed by atmospheric composition changes. It has long service life, safe and environment protecting.

At manual mode it requires one worker to operate machine. The test efficiency is 5 pcs. /min.




Model Number



Power Supply


AC 380V±10%, 3phase, 50Hz

Rim Max. Width



Rim Max. Diameter


18 inches

Rim Mini. Diameter


13 inches

Material of Sealing Element


Silica Gel

Pressure of Compressed Air



Compressing Force of Oil Cylinder




Structure Summary

The leak testing machine consists of three parts: main machine, hydraulic transmission device and electrical control device. The main machine includes: 1 lathe bed, 2 lower tool, 3 upper tool, 4 work platform, 5 oil cylinder.

The hydraulic transmission device includes oil tank, oil pump-motor unit group, pile-up valve, etc. The electrical device includes electrical control box and electrical operation box

The main machine and hydraulic transmission device are installed on concrete foundation, which is shown on attached drawing. The electrical box is fixed on the side of lathe bed.


Tested Rim Specification

The specification of rim, which can be test is like following chart: