valve hole hydraulic press machine

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Summery/Purpose And Features

This machine is a kind of special double-action hydraulic press which is used for valve hole flattening and punching of medium & heavy duty commercial vehicle rim.

This machine is composed of host device, hydraulic driving device and electrical cabinet.

Its operation can be controlled by PLC system which can switch between auto and manual, and has multiple functions including over temperature protection, emergency stop, filter clogging alarm and so on.

Its operating pressure, working speed and stroke range can be adjusted according to the requirements of technology and processing.

Its host device’s slider mounted 2 guide way which used for guiding, and the 2 guide way can bear eccentric force when slider suffer eccentric load, to avoid direct effect on the piston rod, to prevent the eccentric wear and strain of piston rod, so this design can increase service life of seal.



Model Number


Nominal Press Force of Flattening Cylinder

630KN (P=25Mpa)

Maximum Travel of Flattening Slider

320mm, adjustable

Nominal Press Force of Punching Hole

320KN (P=20Mpa)

Maximum Travel of Punching Cylinder


Max. Distance between Slider Undersurface and Working Table Surface


Slider Size


Throat Depth


Working Table Size


Vertical Height from Working Table to Floor


Fast Downward Speed of Slider


Lower Downward Speed of Slider

43mm/s ~ 17mm/s

Return Speed of Slider


Hydraulic Motor Power


Machine Structure

The valve hole press machine consists of three parts: main machine, hydraulic transmission device, electrical control device. The main machine includes: lathe bed, main cylinder. Hydraulic transmission device includes oil tank, oil pump-motor group, pile-up valve etc. Electrical device includes electrical control box, electrical operation box etc. The main machine and hydraulic transmission device are installed on concrete foundation, which is shown on attached drawing. The electrical box is installed on back of lathe bed.