roll edge machine

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Roll edge machine is used to remove the burr of rim both edge after rim roll forming, adopt cold rolling way to process the rim edge upto smooth, to achieve the requirements of improving the rim quality. The equipment can process the size at diameter 13-17 inch of car rim line, this machine use fully automated system with high efficiency, compact structure.



Model Number


Max. Width of Rim Band


Max. Diameter of Rim Band

18 inches

Mini. Diameter of Rim Band

13 inches

Max. Thickness of Rim Band


Rolling Force of Single Side


Pressure of Compressed Air


Adjustable Distance of Single Si de Roller


Roller Speed




1) Running Process

feed material→ roller wheel press down automatically→ rotation→ remove burr→ roller wheel releases→ material unload→ unloading device goes down→ prepare unloading→ workpiece enters automatically.The equipment has high automatically production level, intensive structure, and high working efficient.


2)The equipment is full automatically, whose operation mode has single operation, manual and auto operation.

Its operation logic is controlled by PLC.


3) On operating interface (HMI) can input adjusted parameter of every rim size manually and record them to call parameter instantly. It also shows the set condition of equipment’s external signal and its current condition.


4) The working parameters, like width of loading/unloading path, pressing wheel’s height, material baffle position, roll-edge dip angle of lower rolling tool, can be adjusted according with different rim specifications.


5) Equipment’s over-all structure is stable and reliable with excellent shakeproof ability. It is reliable enough to keep sufficient strength, rigidity, stability, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance.


6)The pressure of double rotation roller rack can be adjusted. Its rotation speed is 120~200r/min. Pressure adjustable range is 4-8kg/cm² (0.4-0.8Mpa) for pneumatic clamping of upper material pressing roller. Width of material loading/unloading path adjustable range is 6"-16.5". All the stroke control, position control, workpiece display adopt two-position noncontacting sensor vision.

In situation when without workpiece or safe running green indicator lights. When fault occurs, some process will light red indicator and alarm to dial with problems. It just need to change lower tool and adjust angle of deburr roller when change products. The adjustment time is 4 minutes.