offshore drilling rig,

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Our group is capable of accomplishing the EPC project of marine engineering equipment independently, which starts from R & D, design, construction and ends with product delivery. Our products cover jack-up and semi-submersible drilling platforms of the sizes from 200 to 400 feet, FPSO, drilling ship, PSV, etc, and we have the ability to produce 39 sets of drilling platforms and drilling ships of different types. Moreover, we can also independently research, develop and construct high-end key equipment for marine engineering, such as offshore drilling rigs, spud leg assembly, single point mooring and marine engineering modules.Product Parameters
Max Hook Load (kN)2250
Nominal Drilling Depth (114mm)m7500
Drawworks Power (kW)735
Wireline dia.(mm)32
Mast height (m)33, 38, 41
Max hook speed (m/s)1.5
substructure height (m)≥5.5
RT hole dia.(mm)698.5
Main brakeband and disc brake
auxiliary brake324WCB, dynamic braking

offshore drilling rig,offshore drilling rig,