3NB-350 Mud Pump

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3NB-350 Mud Pump

1.Power End
The power pump shell is the structure of steel plate welding and has been tested with its intensity by authority. The crankshaft is a composed structure of straight shaft and eccentric wheel. Its airproof part of elastic ripple tube has been awarded a patent certificate by the state. The transmission gear is of medium hard side to improve the enduring ability.
2.Fluid End 
Liquid power side valve is of whole forging with a vertical structure, the volume interstice is minimum. The k1:6 wimble surface has been processed by roll pressing and therefore is improved significantly with its cooperative precision. The water supply valve is fastened reliably and conveniently. The valve box and the base holes conform to APL standard. 
3.Design Features
Parameters were optimized and the stroke has been lengthened appropriately to reduce the number of strokes to enhance the intake performance of the pump and for longer endurance of the relatively weak parts. The pumps are widely used in oil fields and other industrial and mining enterprises, well drilling and well maintenance, etc. The serial products are produced strictly by SY5138 standards established by the Petroleum Industry Ministry of China and factory-leaving experiments are carried out accordingly. 


ModelTypeInput powerSupporting forceRated speed pumpstroke lengthGear ratio
N3NB-350Triplex    single role350Hp6190ZC-1(Diesel    Engine)120Stroke    /min180mm4.483
Rated input speed (r/min)Axle    rated speed (r/min)Suction    Pipe DiameterY400-6.28KW    (Motor)Dimension(mm)Weight
Several pumpBore (mm)
Stroke /minDisplacement(L/S)
Rated pump pressure(MPa)312520.817.514.912.811.29.8
Mechanical efficiency by 90% volumetric efficiency    by 100%