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mid steel plates

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 mid steel plates

1) stainless steel midsole, 
2) EN12568,CE standards. 
3)Different style,different thick 
4) New design 
5)OEM&ODM welcomed. 


Product details:

steel midsoles for safety shoes

1.Steel midsole is safety shoes material; 
2.Meet EN12568 and CE standards; 
3.Having different style and thickness. 

Product: Steel midsole 
Standard: EN12568: 2010s 
Impact resistant: 200J

Product: Steel Midsole

Standard: EN12568: 1998, CSA 
Penetration resistance for peetration insert: 1400N - 1600N
Flexing resistance: No  crack after 1X106 flexes, 

the best is No crack after 2 X106 flexes.

Dongguan Linz Shoes Material Co.,Ltd co-operative factory,which is a safety shoes material manufacturing enterprice specialized in producing,trading and researching a series of steel toe caps, steel middle insoles,plastic toe caps,etc.

Our company mainly sells the various disposable safety shoes material,please feel free to contact us if you have any query.mid steel platesmid steel platesmid steel plates

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