ZJ40 truck mounted oil gas drilling rig

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Company InformationStar Concept Petroleum Equipment is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service of solid control equipment and workover rigs. We manufacture workover rigs, shale shaker, vacuum degasser, mud cleaner, centrifugal pump, mud agitator, mud tanks and more equipment in such field. Our products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions beside china, such as United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Russia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Brazil and so on. 

Our Core Values:

Good Attitude:with a good attitude in our work and life.

Active Action:with a active action to deal with all things.

Bright Future: to dream and believe the bright future.ZJ40 truck mounted oil  gas drilling rigZJ40 truck mounted oil  gas drilling rig 


Star Concept truck mounted drilling rig is mechanically and hydraulically driven. The power system, drawworks, mast, travelling system and transmission mechanism of the drilling rig are mounted on the self-propelled chassis, which improves the moving efficiency greatly. Now, Star Concept truck mounted drilling rig series cover the drilling depth from 1000m to 4000m and maximum static load from 900kN to 2250kN, featuring high operation load, reliable performance, excellent off-road performance, convenient movement and low operation/moving cost, and suitable for drilling operations in shallow and middle deep wells. Besides, drilling rigs for arctic, desert and highland applications are available.



Reasonable layout, high integration and small footprint;

Centralized control of electric, pneumatic and hydraulic systems with world-renowned components;

Designs as per API 4F specification, finite element analysis and stress test of the mast guarantee the safety effectively;

The chassis with excellent off-road performance and driving performances adopts heavy-duty axles, low-section tires, high-strength frame and dual braking system, durable and suitable for complicated oilfield conditions;

Multiple optional configurations are available such as new cab, mast automatic locking pin, centralized lubrication system of crown block and drawworks, and engine hood for various climates.ZJ40 truck mounted oil  gas drilling rig


Max. Hook Load (lb/kN)135,000(600)200,000(900)300,000(1,350)400,000(1,800)500,000(2,250)
Nominal  Drilling Depth (4 1/2" Drill Pipe) (ft/m)3,280(1,000)4,920(1,500)6,580(2,000)9,840(3,000)13,000(4,000)
Rated Power of Drawworks (hp/kW)350(280)450(335)650(485)750(580)1,000(750)
Wireline Diameter (in/mm)1(26)1(26)1 1/8(29)1 1/4(32)1 1/4(32)
Mast Height (ft/m)108(33)108(33)115(35)118(36) 124(38)124(38)
Height of Drill Floor (ft/m)9.8(3)9.8(3)14.7(4.5)19.7(6) 22(6.7)22(6.7)
Clearance Under Rotary Beam (ft/m)6.5(2)6.5(2)11.5(3.5)16(4.9) 18(5.5)18(5.5)
Opening Diameter of Rotary Table (in/mm)15.0(381.0)


Qty. & Rated Power of Mud Pump (hp)1×5001×5002×500/8002×800/1,0002×1,000/1,300
Riser ID & Working Pressure (in/mm, psi/MPa)3(76)5,000(35)3(76)5,000(35)3(76)5,000(35)3(76)5,000(35)3(76)5,000(35)
Axle (Truck/Trailer)5/25/36/37/47/4