shear pump

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Shear pump is used to effectively mix and hydrate material added into drilling fluid. With large capacity, high lift, and long reliable service life, the shear pump can speed up dilution and hydration of polymers to have high property mud.

In the drilling fluid, due to no shear, the polymer will produce a lot of “fish eye”.

These“fisheye” will damage the formation, then the formation permeability decreases,and the production

of oil and gas reduces. Therefore polymers need preliminary shearing, then flow into the drilling fluid system, improving the performance of drilling fluid and fully playing its role

.Shear pump can provide very high shearing efficiency,accelerate polymer dilution and hydration process.

Shear Pump Features & Benefits

1. Using the unique research and development of mechanical seal technology , noveland unique design at home and abroad , the seal performance is advanced , reliable operation and long service life .

2. Greatly improved bentonite particles hydration degree , reduces the bentonite clay need by 30%.

3. For polymer or clay, rapid hydration provides high shear force , solving the problem that the hydration of polymer (or clay ) in the drilling fluid is bad and prominent.

4. It also reduces the mud cake and fluid loss , reduce drilling fluid shear rate , improve the gel strength , so as to achieve the advanced international level .

5.Shear pump adopts a set of mechanical seal for no leakage at stuffing box.rig,mud pump,rotary table,drilling swivel,travelling block hookrig,mud pump,rotary table,drilling swivel,travelling block hook