steel toe caps

Anti-slip Aluminum Toe Shoe-over

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shoes cover for visitor 
1.Steel Toecap/aluminum toe cap:200 J 
2.New technology product 
3.Easy to wear 


Product details:

Steel toe cap non-slip shoe cover for workplace  

1.Steel plates for reinforcement, anti-slip rubber support screwed rivets for rigidity
2. Contoured extra large Steel toe inbuilt protection upto 200J
3.UNISEX Style, can be used over formal, casual, slipon & sports shoes.
4.MQR 100 pairs
5. Ex-stock, subject to availability at the time of order^


These OVERSHOES can be easily fitted over existing shoes to provide hard toe protection. Ideal for visitors or people who only need toe protection on an occasional basis.


Excellent Toe Protection for:

  • visitors to your plant, including salespeople and executives
  • casual or temporary workers without their own steel toed shoes
  • every day workers who prefer a comfortable, light-weight alternative to heavy safety footwear.


Benefits for companies:




  • Reduces the risk of workers' compensation claims
  • Limits the number of days lost and works stoppages
  • Swift to implement into work practice
  • Offers an effective safety solution from day one




Benefits for employees:




  • Excellent grip on slippery floors
  • Preserves agility and movement
  • Hygienic and comfortable
  • Protects footwear against wear, moisture and immersion
  • Simple to use and maintain-machine washable
  • Stylish and attractively designAnti-slip Aluminum Toe Shoe-overAnti-slip Aluminum Toe Shoe-overAnti-slip Aluminum Toe Shoe-overAnti-slip Aluminum Toe Shoe-overrig,mud pump,rotary table,drilling swivel,travelling block hookrig,mud pump,rotary table,drilling swivel,travelling block hookAnti-slip Aluminum Toe Shoe-over