Mine Crushing equipment machine

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  • [feeding size]:76-320(mm)
  • [capacity]:55-610(t/h)
  • [application]:metallurgical, architectural, water and electricity, traffic, chemical, architectural material industries(more application please click the "free contact")
  • [materials]:
  • chrome ore, basalt, granite brittle material
  • features

    1.HP Series high efficiency Hydraulic Cone Crusher has a better performance compared with other ordinary
    2.easy operation,reliable performance and can adust the finished products sizes automatically.
    3.high crushing ratio and capacity and cubic product percentage.
    4.easier maintenance and lower maintenance cost.

    working principle


    When hydraulic cone crusher work, the rotation of the motor through the 

    pulley or coupling, drive shaft and the cone of force in the eccentric sleeve moving around a fixed for rotary movement, so that the cone crusher in the crushing wall and near and sometimes leave is fixedly arranged on the 

    regulating sleeve rolling white surface, the ore constantly under attack in 

    the crushing cavity, extrusion and bending and crushing ore achieved. At 

    unbreakable foreign body through the crushing chamber or for some 

    reason Gravel hydraulic cone crusher is overloaded, the spring system of 

    insurance, the mouth of discharge increases, foreign bodies from the 

    crushing chamber is discharged, such as blocking in row ore using cavity 

    cleaning system, so that the discharging continues to increase, so that the 

    foreign body removal of crushing cavity. 

    Mine Crushing equipment machineMine Crushing equipment machineMine Crushing equipment machineMine Crushing equipment machine