falling film evaporator/Multi-effect falling film evaporator

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Structure and performance

Single-effect evaporator is composed by one heating room and one vapor-liquid separating room. This evaporator unit is composed by two or more evaporators, heat pump, various feeding and discharging pumps, vacuum device, test instrument, pipeline and valve. The heating room is mostly composed by crust, pipe bundling device and connection pipe. And vapor-liquid separating room is composed by crust and foam eliminator.

a.This machine unit feeds material continuously in downstream or in upstream or in mixed flow. If feeding in downstream, the flow direction of solution is the same as that of steam during heating. Raw material is preheated to boiling point by pre-heater and then reaches to the first effect. As the boiling point of solution in former effect is higher than that in latter effect, material will be overheating and evaporate by itself once entering to the latter effect, meanwhile, as the condensed water in former effect can also evaporate after coming into the latter effect, secondary stream will be produced more. If feeding in upstream, raw material is fed in the third effect. The first-effect material is discharged through the second-effect one. When feeding mixed material, raw material is fed by the third-effect material and is discharged by the second-effect one through the first effect. 
b.Relying on the effect of heat-insulation compression, steam eject heating pump makes some secondary steam in the first effect improve its saturation temperature and return to the first-effect heating room to act as heating steam, thus, economic degree for producing steam is improved.  

Specification and Technical Parameter of the Triple- effect Falling Film Evaporator
Evaporating capacity(kg/hr)3000450060009000120001500020000240003000050000
Live steam consumption(kg/hr)9001350180027003600450045007200900015000
Vacuum in different effectsFirst-effect0
 Second effect448
(mmHg)Third effect640
Evaporating temperature in different effectsFirst-effect99
 Second effect76
 Third effect53
Steam pressure for evaporation(MPa)0.6-1.0(absolute pressure)
Solid content inside(%)6-7(corn steep liquor)
Solid content outside(%)42-48(corn steep liquor)


falling film evaporator/Multi-effect falling film evaporatorfalling film evaporator/Multi-effect falling film evaporator