Mining pick-select industry Complete set of equipment

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To provide customers with phosphorus and phosphorus chemical industry solutions and create value; to be the executor of the global optimal allocation of resources and the pioneer of technology into capital benefits.


We strive to build a first-class team with technology, design, procurement, construction and operation as a whole, advanced and competitive at home and abroad. We will gradually grow into an international engineering company with great industry influence through a three-year, five-year and ten-year development cycle.



Business Scope of the Company


Contracting the design of overseas mining, mineral processing, chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection, electric power and public works (water supply and drainage, heating and ventilation, roads) and corresponding general contracting, engineering consultation and contracting for the above-mentioned domestic tender projects. The import and export of equipment and materials required for the above-mentioned overseas projects shall provide project management for the above-mentioned projects. Consulting, technical consultation, technical services, investment and operation.



Company Business Model


Relying on Wengfu's own core technology, combined with the design qualification of Yunnan Chemical Design Institute Co., Ltd., the company takes EPC as its main business, supplemented by EP, EPCO, EPCM, BOT, BOO, PPP and other modes, and expands its market in mining, phosphorus chemical technology service and engineering construction and other engineering fields at home and abroad.

Mining  pick-select industry Complete set of equipmentMining  pick-select industry Complete set of equipment

Mining  pick-select industry Complete set of equipment

Mining  pick-select industry Complete set of equipment