Industrial power engine Transmission

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Technical Data Sheet

ZQC5T15C manual transmission
1The basic structurePre precursor Drive Type: two-axis, fully synchronized shifting forward gears, transmission, final drive and differential as a whole.
2Maximum input torque155N.m
3Maximum speed4000r/min
4Center distance68mm
5Gear ratioonetwothreefourfive R
63.3081.9131.2580.9430.763 3.231
7shift control mechanismdouble arm manipulation
8oil quantity and type2.2L/GL-4
9Weight (kg)32
10Product Dimensions364X488X420
11Matching Engine Model4A9
12design objectives300,000 km

APPLICATION: Adaptation engine displacement of 1.3 ~ 1.6L passenger cars.

Industrial power engine TransmissionIndustrial power engine TransmissionIndustrial power engine Transmission