Marine engines

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Upgrade and replacement of new power - five special technologies  Saving fuel:The lowest fuel consumption is 192g/kw•h  Strong power:External characteristic is up to 2100N•m  Environment protect and low noise:Smoke value in range of full load is less than 1.0Rb  WP12C series marine diesel engines based on Landking national WP12 series diesel engine which Weichai owned independent intellectual property rights, and focus on use characteristics and configuration requirements of marine power, adopt design concepts to optimize and design special energy saving and environment protection diesel engine for marine, and is the ideal power for inland shipping, fishing and public boat.  Five special technologies   Reliability      Safety   High efficiency      Low-noise             Convenience  Reliability-Special oil pan technology for marine-Flat oil pan  n    Improve reliability  Adopt special flat oil pan for marine with overall stamping design, and arrange the ribs reasonably to improve the strength; no welding line on the surface, formed at one time, prevent the leakage failure, and improve reliability.  n    Convenient to maintenance  Reduce the overall height, increase the distance to the bottom of the cabin, convenient to replace oil     Safety—Protection technology of preventing burning—Steel low-pressure pipeline+ Water jacket exhaust pipe  Steel low—pressure pipeline  Optimize the layout of fuel pipeline, adopt steel low-pressure pipeline, improve safety and reliability; meanwhile, the appearance is more beautiful, and comply with regulatory requirements of marine.   Water jacket exhaust pipe  Adopt water jacket exhaust pipe cooled by freshwater to reduce the cabin temperature caused by surface radiation effectively, and improve the comfort and safety.  Efficient—Multi-wedge belt transmission technology  High transmission efficiency, stable operation, and reduced the “Turn belt phenomenon” effectively caused by the beating of the original V-belt during transmitting.  Achieved belt automatic tensioning in the proc

Marine enginesMarine enginesMarine enginesMarine engines