MAC Axial d compressor

2019-08-19 09:03:00 36

1, Chinese domestic developed air compressor in China to serve air separation units (ASU) with 100,000 Nm3/h oxygen (O2) capacity has been successfully tested at the Yingkou test base of Shenyang Blower Works Group Corporation.


The compressor was developed by US own team, and the successful commissioning is thought to mark China out as becoming one of the leading manufacturers of machinery for ASUs.

Until now, large-scale ASUs in China have had to rely on air compressors from overseas manufacturers.

gasworld understands that, as of 2015, the number of coal chemistry projects approved and pending to be approved by the government will require 70 sets of such air compressors.

GM series air blower is of the structure of a single-stage overhung type, axial intake and radial exhaust. Air passes through the inlet duct with silencer and enters suction pipe and inlet guide vane. This is connected by the main driver through coupling to speed-increasing gear, which increase the air pressure by driving the 3D mixed-flow semi-closed impeller rotating at high speed. The air is exhausted through the diffuser, spiral housing and diffusing pipe. The lube oil is supplied by the main oil pump which is connected directly to the driving shaft, and by the electric auxiliary oil pump when starting and shutting down. The axial thrust of the high speed rotor is transferred from the thrust collar to the low speed shaft, greatly reducing the mechanical losses.

Structure of GM series blower

• Inlet guide vane mechanism 
• Diffuser 
• Volute  
• High speed rotor 
• Speed increasing box 
• Bearing 
• Bull gear 
• Coupling 
• Lubricant system 
• 3D semi-closed mixed-flow type impeller


MAC Axial d compressorMAC Axial d compressorMAC Axial d compressorMAC Axial d compressor