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AISI 4130 Anticorrosion Sucker Rod

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AISI 4130 Anticorrosion Sucker Rod

Product Description

Shengji is the leading manufacturer of coated sucker rod in China,In order to improve the anti-corrosion and wear resistant performance of sucker rod, on the basis of Canada advanced liner tubing technology, Shengji Company developed the anti-corrosion and wear-resistant sucker rod production line. This product is mainly used in oil well with serious corrosion and eccentric wear problem. It is the ideal matching products of liner tubing. To the oil well that use the ordinary tubing, we add the centralizer on the rod body to improve the service life of sucker rod and tubing. The cladding layer is on the surface of the rod. New and used rod all avaibable. Overall coated polymer materials is the most effective anticorrosion and wear-resistant technology. Smooth surface, low friction coefficient with steel, it helps to reduce load of pumping unit and it has energy saving effect. Shengji coated sucker rod already applied for a patent.

AISI 4130 Anticorrosion Sucker RodAISI 4130 Anticorrosion Sucker Rod

Key Feature

1. Base on the technology of weatherford.

2. New and used rod all avaibable.

3. Anti-scaling.

4. Anti-corrosion.


1.Sucker rod size

SN Normal size in(mm)Dia. of coated rod (mm)Wrench section width (mm)Wrench section Length (mm)OD of Male thread step (mm)Nipple neck length of ascension(mm)
51 1/8(29)32433760127


2.Coated Layer Performance 

SNItem Performance indexExecution Standard
1Density/ g/cm31.1GB/T1033
2Vicat Softening Temperature / ℃≥180GB/T1633
3Tensile Yield Strength/ MPa≥28GB/T8804.3
4Elongation at Break  Rate/ %≥150GB/T8804.3
5Shore Hardness/ HD≥80GB/T2411


Mortar wear rate/ mg/h≤3.5Appendix
Basal Principle

 AISI 4130 Anticorrosion Sucker Rod

Performance Test

 Wear resistant performance test

1.Test method

Use no.12 brown fused alumina sand and make mortar of sand and water with ratio of 3:1. Test-piece should be buried in mortar and it rotates with the speed of 1000r/min.  After 24 hours, take out the test-piece, clean it and weigh it . Make comparison of the losses of weight.

   AISI 4130 Anticorrosion Sucker Rod


2.Wear resistant test

A. Mortar wear rate test

according to test method that specified in SINOPEC standard Q/SH1020-2011. the period of  wear test is 24 hours. The data of wear in the table below:

ItemLined material    Coated material       1#Coated material     2#Coated material      3#
Weight before wear(g1)1.2091.2161.4651.358
Weight after wear(g2)0.76280.94771.19451.0894
actual weight(g3)0.76260.93621.181.0761
wear rate(g3-g1)/g1*100%37%23%19.80%20.80%

Conclusion: the Mortar wear rate is higher about 15% than Ultra high molecular weight material.

B.Wear with tubing test

AISI 4130 Anticorrosion Sucker Rod


The test result is in the table below:

SNNameDimension before wear(mm)Dimension after wear(mm)abrasion loss    (mm)abrasion loss    (mm/h)coefficient of friction
Group 11       J55 tubing          (Wall thickness)5.24.790.410.1010.123
Phosphating coupling(Dia.)41.240.450.750.1875
2       J55 tubing         (Wall thickness)4.834.730.10.0250.229
Coated coupling(Dia)
Group 21Liner plastic tube    (Wall thickness)4.74.450.250.0560.18
Phosphating coupling(Dia.)41.2341.190.040.009
2Liner plastic tube   (Wall thickness)
Coated coupling(Dia)49.024900

conclusion:Wear with J55 tubing, the abrasion loss of coated coupling is 1/3 of phosphating coupling. The abrasion loss of relevant  tubing is 1/6.Wear with liner tubing, the abrasion loss is very small,  the coated coupling is nearly zero.

C.Binding Force Test

Method:  take length of 20mm coated rod  and put on test fixture to take experiment on pressure-testing machine.


 AISI 4130 Anticorrosion Sucker Rod


Test result: average out-pressure is 0.24KN and the binding force bigger than0.20Mpa.


D.Anti-corrosion Test

Soak coating material separately in liquor of hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and sodium hydroxide at the temperature of 60 for five hours, then take out to inspect the degree of corrosion. The result following by 18.53,17.61,23.23,14.11g/m2.

AISI 4130 Anticorrosion Sucker Rod


E.Low Temperature Experiment

                                               Method                                          Take out and observe the cladding layer if there is fracture after freezing coated rod at the temperature of -30 in low temperature freezer.

AISI 4130 Anticorrosion Sucker Rod

Test result: no fracture

AISI 4130 Anticorrosion Sucker Rod



Quality Control

AISI 4130 Anticorrosion Sucker Rod


AISI 4130 Anticorrosion Sucker Rod 


AISI 4130 Anticorrosion Sucker Rod AISI 4130 Anticorrosion Sucker Rod AISI 4130 Anticorrosion Sucker Rod AISI 4130 Anticorrosion Sucker Rod AISI 4130 Anticorrosion Sucker Rod AISI 4130 Anticorrosion Sucker Rod AISI 4130 Anticorrosion Sucker Rod AISI 4130 Anticorrosion Sucker Rod AISI 4130 Anticorrosion Sucker Rod AISI 4130 Anticorrosion Sucker Rod