ion membrane electrolyzer/membrane electrolyzer

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High current density natural circulation bipolar membrane gap electrolyzer

Brief introduction: NBZ-2.7 type ion membrane electrolyzer is easy to operate with apparent energy-saving effect and runs stably, with characteristics of low energy consumption, high purity product, low pollution and low operating cost etc.
Detailed description: A cell unit is composed of anode, cathode, ion-exchange membrane, cell frame and bus bar etc, each electrolyzer is composed of several cells in series. Anode made from titanium mesh, in order to prolong the life time of the electrode and improve the efficiency of the electrolysis, anode mesh is coated with ruthenium, iridium and other oxide coating; cathode is made from nickel mesh, coated with ruthenium and other oxide coating; Ion-exchange membrane is divided electrolyzer into the anode compartment and cathode compartment. Nickel material used for manufacturing electrolyzer is from Nippon Yakin Kogyo Co. (Japan), Ltd. and ThyssenKrupp (Germany), titaniumtim is from Allegheny Technologies (United States) and Nippon Steel Corporation (Japan).

Membrane electrolysis is a process whereby both electrode reactions, i.e. the cathodic reduction as well as the anodic oxidation, are linked to the transport and transfer of charged ions. In membrane electrolysis, the electrode reaction is essential to the actual separation process. The purpose of the membrane is to separate the anode loop (anolyte) from the cathode loop (catholyte) by a fluid, in order to avoid unwanted secondary reactions, so as to combine the electrode reaction with a separation step or to isolate separately the products formed on the electrode. In water electrolysis, such products may be in a gaseous form such as oxygen and hydrogen as well as the acids (H+) and bases (OH-) formed on the electrode or the combination of gaseous chlorine and caustic soda solution and hydrogen as in sodium chloride electrolysis

ion membrane electrolyzer/membrane electrolyzerion membrane electrolyzer/membrane electrolyzerion membrane electrolyzer/membrane electrolyzerion membrane electrolyzer/membrane electrolyzer