hydro power

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one of the most important manufacturing bases for China`s heavy duty machinery, and represents the highest technological and manufacturing level of Chinese power equipment industry. With the annual production capacity for more than 37,000MW, DEC`s main products include thermal power units, hydro power units,nuclear power units,wind power units,gas turbine units,solar power units,environmental conservation units,electric & electronic units and seawater desalination units etc.

 main supplier of high efficiency hydro power generation equipment for domestic and foreign markets. The product range covers Francis type, tubular type, Kaplan type, Pelton type and pump-storage type etc. and we also have the strong R&D capability for 1000MW capacity hydro power units. The commission of the units on right bank of Three Gorges HPP and in Xi Luo Du HPP, with DEC’s independent intellectual property rights, symbolized the accomplishment of world’s advanced level of large hydropower generating units by DEC. Meanwhile, DEC has managed to obtain an international prestige through series of hydropower project contracting based on our high-quality and high-standard products.

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