Liquid Ammonia Spherical Tank

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Features of domestic hot water unit1.Constant temperature water supply:1) Accurate temperature measurement within ±1℃ accuracy;2) Unique flow regulating device, which greatly improves the reaction speed of temperature regulation;3) Continuous operation in 24 hours with constant water temperature constant;4) Special water mixing device, prevent big fluctuation of secondary, to ensure that the water supply temperature.2. Effective anti-fouling measures :1) The system is always in low-speed circulation,regardless system consuming water or not,this could delay the formation of fouling in piping and heat exchanger;2) Advanced temperature regulation device to reduce the water supply temperature entering the heat exchanger, ensure temperature below 70 ℃, ease the fouling rate in the heat exchanger;3)Environmental-protection and simple fouling elimination device to further prevent fouling in the heat exchanger.plate & shell heat exchanger is a kind of internationally advanced heat exchange equipment with high efficiency and energy saving. Corrugated plate is the main heat transfer element. It is composed of two parts: welding plate pack and shell. It combines the advantages of traditional plate heat exchanger and shell & tube heat exchanger with light weight and small footprint. Technical ParametersDesign Temp: ≤580℃Design Pressure: ≤6.0MPaAssembly Surface: ≤12000m2Minimum temperature difference:1℃Plate Thickness:0.7~1.2mmPlate Material:304, 316L, 321, 254SMO, duplex steel(2205,2507, etc.) ApplicationUsed in various processes in oil refining, petrochemical, gas treatment, etc.1. Catalytic reforming;2. Xylene isomerization;3. Toluene disproportionation;4. Propane/propylene condenser, amine solution heatexchanger;5. Other heat exchange process like liquid-liquid, steam-liquid, gasliquid, gas-gas. Liquid Ammonia Spherical TankLiquid Ammonia Spherical TankLiquid Ammonia Spherical TankLiquid Ammonia Spherical TankLiquid Ammonia Spherical Tank