roll forming machine

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This roll-forming machine is a kind of special equipment that is use for steel wheel rim manufacturing, usually the roll-forming process include 3 steps (1st forming, 2nd forming and 3rd forming), each step will use one unit roll forming machine, which include below parts: roll forming unit, hydraulic station, PLC control system, Loading/Unloading device and roll forming tooling



Model Number


Roll Forming Force


Motor Power of Hydraulic Station


Spindle Length for Installing Molds


Upper & Lower Spindle Speed range

0 ~ 320r/min

Spindle Material & Diameter

40CrMo, Φ145mm

Distance between Upper & Lower Spindle

240 mm ~ 380mm

Axial Adjusting Range of Lower Spindle


Stroke of Lower Spindle: (axial diameter 145mm at die-setting)



Loading Speed of lower Spindle


Feeding Speed’s Adjusting Range of Lower Spindle


Tilting Angle Adjusting Range of Lower Spindle

-0.34° to +0.17°

Rated Input Voltage


Rated Input Power
























Roll Forming Tool

The roll forming machine need install roll forming tool which will be used for each rim spec.


Machine’s Adjustment /Main Spindle’S Adjustment

Every main spindle is hold by pendular arms, which connects with main spindle by hinge. The hinge point of pendular arm adopts ball bearing. The back one is installed on an off-centre device. The main spindle inclined is realized through eccentric. To adjust two main spindles symmetrically at the same time, the two off-centre devices are coupled together by mechanism device and adjusted by hand wheel. Its main function is following:

1)Provide needed forming force in forming process, which can control product quality better;

2)Compensate main spindle’s transformation;

3)Compensate wear tooling


Forward & Backward Adjustment of Lower Spindle

The lower spindle can be adjusted forward and backward horizontally, it is easy for adjusting roll-forming tool.

Attached below drawing to show operating principle, its adjustment process is:

Turning the bolt 3 of middle axle to drive the chain wheel 2 -> and chain wheel drive gear sleeve 4 and gear sleeve 5 -> to power the lower spindle 2 moving by screw thread -> for achieving forward and backward adjustment of forming roller which mounted with lower spindle 2.


Adjustment of main spindle’s rotation speed

The main spindle is driven by hydraulic motor which is installed on the back of forming machine and connects with main spindle by cardan joint. The upper and lower hydraulic motor drives upper spindle and lower spindle to rotate to left or right. Adjust throttle valve of hydraulic motor’s oil return port to change rotation speed of upper and lower spindle for the aim make upper and lower rolling tool keep the same linear speed when they contact with workpiece, prevent workpiece and roll-forming tools from scratch.


Adjustment of side guide device

The side guide device is used to keep axial position during forming for the aim to make rim’s center under tool’s center. Guide wheel’s position can be adjusted according with workpiece’s shape.

The side guide device is installed on two sides of main spindle. Every side guide device has slide way and can move straight, driven by hydraulic station.

The start point and end point of side guide can be adjusted by hand wheel. Every side guide has proximity switch on top and bottom as control unit.


Adjustment of loading/unloading device

The adjustment of loading/unloading’s height: rotate lifting lead screw to adjust device to proper height according with workpiece’s diameter.

Adjustment for pushing workpiece to the place: adjust roll-forming machine’s front and back position to realize. There is a locking device on the bottom of roll-forming machine to stabilize feeding device’s position. It also has a stroke switch to transmit signal.


Push-ring for Dismounting Roll Forming Tool

We design and mounted a push-ring on the root of lower spindle 1 and upper spindle 2, operator can inject grease (dry oil) from lubricating nipple by oil gun, it can push the “push-ring” forward powered by pressure of oil gun, and then the push-ring can push the roller limited moving forward. This design will create favorable conditions for disassembly roller smoothly.