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composite safety toe cap

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Composite Toecaps 

Endure rot by acid and alkali;

Resist impact above 200 joules;

Light weight, is about 2/3to1/2 of the Steel Toe Caps;

With fibre resin material, green environmental;

Non-electric, good insulation and antirust;

Prevent metal detection in some special fields;

Quick to develop, if the spec is completely provided, the sample lead time is 7 days;

Low tooling charge, normally under RMB20,000/set.


 Toe caps with rubber strips Standard:EN12568:1998s(toe cap also suit EN345 safety shoes)impact  resistant:200J

Product:  toe caps with rubber strips for safety shoes

Standard:EN12568:1998s(suit EN345 safety shoes)

Impact resistant:200J




Our factory is the first company specialized in producing safety shoes material in China.Our main products are steel toe caps, aluminium toe caps,plastic toe caps,,steel insole 

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 composite safety toe capcomposite safety toe capcomposite safety toe cap

composite safety toe capcomposite safety toe cap